She was attracted by his dominant demeanor and was overtly flirtatious, so she eagerly accepted when he invited her for a drink on his patio.  After she finished her drink he told her to stand up and hold her hands behind her back, and she obeyed enjoying his little game. Then she felt a rope being wrapped around her wrists and pulled tight.  As he unbuttoned her blouse she struggled against the rope, pressing it painfully into her wrists, and found that she was securely tied.  When he pulled down her panties and massaged her clitoris, the erotic wave that swept over her body was greatly amplified by the tight rope around her wrists.  He grasped her arm firmly and said, “Come inside, Dear.  I want to show you my dungeon.”  She did not resist as he led her through the door.

Older men are my pied pippers, just can’t say no!

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